Sight Test at Rumi Optical

The licensed opticians at Rumi Optical provide vision testing and prescription consultations.An automated refraction (sight test) is a safe, and accurate way for individuals who wear glasses to check their vision before purchasing a new pair of glasses. To book an appointment please Contact us or call us at 604-682-2788.

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Am I Qualify For The Sight Test?

If you are between the ages of 19 and 65, are in good health, then an automated refraction is a safe and effective way to test your vision.In between regular eye health exams, it can also be used to update your prescription to ensure your lenses are enabling you to see clearly.Who will conduct my test? A specially trained refracting optician will conduct this test. A refracting optician is trained to conduct automated sight testing and to make and dispense corrective eyeglasses.Automated sight testing is a safe choice for obtaining corrective lenses. The automated refraction can help determine the right prescription for your eyes, allowing you see more clearly,but it will not evaluate the overall health of your eyes.Your family doctor will also help you decide if you need to see an ophthalmologist or other specialized eye care for an eye health exam.