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proper contact lens care

If you are not wearing a daily disposable soft contact lens you will need to follow a basic cleaning & replacement regimen to assure your eyes are not subject to an increased chance of infection. Once you have opened a fresh pair of contacts it is vitally important to clean them on a regular basis with contact lens solutions. Your eye care professional may have recommended a solution based on your eye chemistry so we would encourage you to follow their recommendations & to avoid buying what's on sale at the time. So lets go over some Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to taking care of your lenses.

Do: follow your eye care professionals recommendations including the type of contact lens, solution & wearing schedule.

Don’t: ever wear your contacts beyond the date either recommended by your eye care professional or manufacturer. This means that once you’ve opened the blister packs containing the contact lenses the countdown is on & no matter how many times you use them, they are only good for the recommended amount of time before they need to be discarded. This is for your safety, do not play Russian roulette with your eyes, you only have two!

Do: make sure when you buy your contacts that the best before date printed on the box is not past.

Don’t: wear an expired medical device, it is never recommended & can be dangerous for your eye health.

Do: inspect the contact lenses for damage such as tares or rips before insertion.

Don’t: wear a contact lens that is damaged in any way, discard immediately & open a new package.

Do: at the end of every wearing day & after washing your hands with soap & water, remove your contacts & place them in a case that has been previously cleaned with soap & water & filled with fresh contact lens solution.

Don’t: ever use tap water for storing your contacts, this dramatically increases your chances of infection.

Do: replace your case & any opened solution at least every 60 days. This is because an irremovable biofilm will slowly build up on the surface of the case & solutions aren't as effective after a certain period of time once they’ve been opened.

Don’t: use anyone else's cases or solutions.

Do: consider using a powerful cleaning agent called hydrogen peroxide if you have noticed you’re unable to wear your contacts comfortably throughout the day. This may be due to protein & other depositing that comes from your tear chemistry reacting to your contact lens. You may have been told by your eye care professional that you deposit more than normal. In this case a different multipurpose solution or contact lens may be worth a try but you may need to give your contacts a deep clean a couple times a week or more with a hydrogen peroxide based solution like Clear Care so that you can wear them for potentially longer periods of time with more comfort & clarity.

Don’t: ever use a multipurpose solution case when using hydrogen peroxide to clean your contacts, this will ensure a visit to the eye doctor as you will experience a chemical burn. If you happen to make this mistake, you will likely feel immediate discomfort or pain as soon as you insert your lenses. At this point you should safely & quickly remove the contacts & rinse your eyes with multipurpose or saline solution for 5-10 minutes & then head to the doctors office. Hydrogen peroxide solutions come with a special contact lens case that contains a chemical puck that neutralizes the peroxide into a safe water like solution. This requires at least 6 hours of time to be effective & safe to wear. If you are unsure of how long the lenses have been in the case & you need to wear them right away, give them a good rinse with multipurpose solution to avoid the possibility of burn from unneutralized hydrogen peroxide.

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