No matter what your age or physical health is, receiving a regular eye exam in Vancouver is the best way to detect vision and eye health problems during their most treatable stages. Not only do eye exams determine your glasses or contact lenses prescription, they also are used to diagnose eye diseases that can lead to vision loss. Problems within the eye can sometimes indicate diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure; so seeing an eye doctor regularly is essential to your overall wellness.

During your eye exam, the optometrist will use a variety of equipment to assess your vision and overall eye health. You may be asked about your medical history and any current vision problems you’re having. The optometrist will likely ask you to read from a chart, which measures your visual acuity. Additional tests will be run to determine if you are nearsighted, farsighted, or struggling with astigmatism.

Dr. Darryl Burgess and Dr. Hamid Ghazi offer direct billing for all extended health plans, making it easy for you to receive an affordable eye exam in Vancouver. Let us help you achieve greater eye health – call us now to book your eye exam.